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Sooo…..after 4 cases of strep throat (3 girls and me. Daddy is still fine), a trip to the emergency room for a wierd virus, a small plumbing emergency on the day of a showing, the dog got fixed, and one messed up work schedule, everyone is doing pretty well!  Never a dull moment.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks but I think things are starting to calm down now (I always say that!! I hope it happens someday!).  We spent the 4th away at grandma & grandpa’s and the girls got to play outside a lot which they love.

The girls played in their swimming pool today and had a blast, I guess the hot, humid weather is good for something.  They went to bed super good tonight which has to be a fluke.  

As far as my training goes…I doing well.  I have had a couple of mess ups but no where near what I was doing to myself before I started this.  BUT I have a long ways to go so I cannot have anymore cheats until after October 3rd!  I want to feel good about the job that I did.

My schedule has been so strange that wednesday night I didn’t get back from the ER with #1 (oldest) until midnight so I didn’t do any cardio that day and then the next day I started getting sick and felt sick on Friday too.  So this evening I am feeling way better and I did 1/2 a workout.  Here’s what I did!

Try a workout like this they really work you hard.  

20 of each:  squats, shoulder press, bicep curls, mountain climbers, dips, pushups, split leap jumps, frog jumps, step ups, and box jumps.  Then 1 lap around our block, which ends up being .25 miles.  

Repeat this until you have gone for your desired time. I went for 30 minutes as I didn’t want to overdo it but tomorrow I think I’ll feel good enough to get in 60 minutes of something.  I just have to keep my HR over 150 for 60 minutes a day.  Easy right?   

I meet with my trainer on Tuesday and she will be taking measurements.  I hope I have made some good progress!


They’re really not babies anymore but I like to call them that.  We’ve enjoyed my day off by going to the gym to take a 60 min. spin class (killer!) then snack, play outside, lunch, and then rest.  That’s as far as we’ve gotten.  I’ve got one more workout planned for later today once it cools down.  The girls will be able to do it with me.  They still think that pushups and lunges are fun and I enjoy watching them do them.  It makes the time go by quickly. 

As of Monday I am 13 weeks from the competition date!  I will post pictures once changes start to happen.  For now here are much cuter pictures!

That’s right!  As of next week I will be officially starting my training for a bikini competition in October ’09!  This class has broken off from the figure class competition which I competed in 7 years ago BK (before kids).  My trainer is great and is the same one that trained me for the figure competition.  Check out her web page at 

Hello!  I know that I have tried this before but I think that this is the time that I will keep up with it!  We’ll see…

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